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Version 4 of HEAVY

I am pleased to announce that version 4 of HEAVY is now available. The HEAVY program contains the "HEAVY" and "HASSP" heavy atom search, refinement, and MIR/MAD phasing programs in an integrated package that is easy to use and that runs on a variety of unix and VMS machines. Some of the major new features of HEAVY are CORRELATED PHASING, BAYESIAN WEIGHTING, and BAYESIAN DIFFERENCE REFINEMENT (see below for brief descriptions of these features).

New features of HEAVY:

HOW TO GET HEAVY version 4:

HEAVY is distributed free of charge for institution to sign a license agreement. To obtain a license, please contact Nancy Cameron at the Los Alamos Industrial Partnership Office in the following way:

E-mail to:

  1. Specify NON-COMMERCIAL or COMMERCIAL license
  2. If you are a University of California institution, say so
  3. Your name and email address. If you have an anonymous ftp site, please list it.
  4. Name and address of person who will sign for your institution (i.e., person in your business office. This person will know if they can sign for the institution. Faculty at universites cannot.)
  5. Node name(s) of single site or cluster of computers where HEAVY will be used.
For further information on HEAVY: contact Tom Terwilliger at

Please send your comments and your suggestions to Yves Epelboin, .

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