International Union of Crystallography Newsletter

Volume 7, Number 2


 William L. Duax

Patricia Coley
Newsletter Design & Production

Jane Griffin
Assistant Editor

Sally Lunge
Copy Production

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W.L. Duax
Hauptman-Woodward Med. Research Inst.
73 High St., Buffalo, NY 14203, USA
Tel.: 716-856-9600 ·FAX: 716 852-4846



Matters pertaining to Advertisements should be addressed to W.L. Duax or P. Coley at the above address. In Japan, contact Prof. Yukio Mitsui, Dept. of BioEngineering, Nagaoka U. of Technology, Nogaoka, Niigata 940-21, Japan, FAX: 81-258-47-9400.

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