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Ryozi Uyeda (1911-1997)

IUCr Newsletter (1997). 5(3), 12.

Ryozi Uyeda died of hepatic cancer on July 2, 1997. He was born Oct. 1, 1911 graduated Tokyo U. in 1934 and worked as Research Assistant under Prof. Shoji Nishikawa the Father of Japanese Crystallography. He became Prof. of Physics (1944) at Nagoya U. and received a Doctor of Science degree from Tokyo U. for his work in Epitaxial Growth of Evaporated Metal Thin Films. In 1975 he moved to Meijo U. as Professor until 1984, and Guest Professor until 1986. His main areas of research were electron diffraction and microscopy and crystal growth of thin films and ultra-fine particles. He received world-wide recognition for his work on moire patterns in electron-micrographs, the discovery of the so-called critical extinction voltage and morphological studies for fine particles of metal and metallic oxides. He published more than 100 scientific papers in pure and applied physics and instrumentation and wrote articles in several academic books. For these accomplishments, he was awarded several prizes and medals from academic and public circles. He was an honorary member of Japanese Physical Soc., Soc. of Applied Physics, Crystallographic Soc. and Soc. of Electron Microscopy. He served the IUCr as a member of the Crystallographic Apparatus (1957-1976) and Electron Diffraction Commissions (1963-1972) and as a Co-editor of JAC (1969-1976). He was a very good teacher and encouraged many students and young scientists. He maintained interest in growing flowers and playing tennis for more than 75 years! He published a book titled "ZATSUBUNN-SHO" (1982), which was a collection of his essays on science, education, and his hobbies.

Norio Kato

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