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[Fwd: Phase identifier report]

Dear Colleagues,

I have received the message below from Andre Authier, chair of the IUCr Commission on Crystallographic Nomenclature which commissioned our report on a Crystallographic Phase Identifier.  In his email he points out that the Commission has now approved our report.  It goes next to Acta Cryst. for publication.

I would like to thank you all for helping with this project which I thought would be almost impossible when I accepted the job of chairing the working group.  I am very pleased with the effectiveness and simplicity of the result and I hope people will find ways of using it.

Best wishes,

David Brown

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Subject: Phase identifier report
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 09:04:35 +0200
From: Andre Authier <AAuthier@wanadoo.fr>
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Dear All,


On 3 May I sent you the final report of the Working Group on Phase Identifiers. I have received no further comments and the report is considered as adopted. (I thought this was implicit, but better say it explicitely).


I am looking forward to seeing you in Florence,


Best wishes,




Andre Authier

Professor Emeritus, CoEditor of Acta Crystallographica, Section A

Villechenine, F-87470 Peyrat-le-Chateau, France

Tel/Fax 05 55 69 40 42, Intl +33 5 55 69 40 42

email: AAuthier@wanadoo.fr


fn:I.David Brown
org:McMaster University;Brockhouse Institute for Materials Research
adr:;;King St. W;Hamilton;Ontario;L8S 4M1;Canada
title:Professor Emeritus
tel;work:+905 525 9140 x 24710
tel;fax:+905 521 2773

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