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RE: Final draft of Phase-ID report

Dear David:

Thanks, I will look forward to seeing the final draft in due course..

>6.   The section GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS ......
>If you have some suggestions I will be glad to consider them.

I would suggest the following for consideration:

"The possibility of using an early but incorrect characterization is usually
avoidable by refering to the appropriate crystallographic database. In the
event that such ill-characterization has not yet been corrected, the
identifier might retrieve more than one structure, as is the case in which
the characterization is incomplete."

Although this statement is offered rather tentatively, I think a warning to
the user  that ill-characterization is possible but may sometimes be
would be helpful. By all means, feel entirely free to improvwe the

>I have no idea what it [main] means either, but I copied this from the only
>material that was available. Maybe version 1.0 will be more explicit.

We should avoid any usage we cannot explain.

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