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Re: Final draft of Phase-ID report

Thanks, Sidney, for your approval and noted corrections. I will make 
these in the final draft

>4.   In the INTRODUCTION, the .txt format converted the letter “é”
>in “Tolédano” into “,” and should be corrected. Other examples of
>this conversion are in the REFERENCES.
.txt files cannot, of course, render accents. I prefer to work on drafts 
in .txt files as far as possible as not everyone has the word perfect 
program that I use for composition. When the report is submitted for 
publication, I will provide it is the form that is required by the 
journal (or the chair of the Commission).

>6.   The section GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS is very clear about
>well-characterised materials. It gives no guidance in the case of
>ill-characterised materials. We should add a final paragraph to this
>section with appropriate advice.
If you have some suggestions I will be glad to consider them. The nature 
of the ill-characterization will be different in each case and I am not 
sure what general advice one can give. Clearly one can only use the 
fields for which information is available and one may therefore retrieve 
more than one structure. This much is obvious and hardly needs to be 
said, and I don't know what more one could add.

>7.   Section 5.1 may require revision after the final beta test version
>is out in a week or so. Perhaps we should consider holding this report
>until INChI v.1.0 is issued?
>     In the same section, use of the word “main” as in “SC:m/” is not
>immediately clear and should be clarified.
I have no idea what it means either, but I copied this from the only 
material that was available. Maybe version 1.0 will be more explicit.

Dr. I.D.Brown, Professor Emeritus,
Department of Physics and Astronomy
McMaster University, Hamilton
Ontario, Canada

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