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Re: Final draft of Phase-ID report

Dear Brian,

    Thanks for your approval of the Phase Identifier report.  Perhaps it 
will prompt other members of the Working Group to send in their 
approval.  The points you raise can, I think, be all dealt with in 
editorial mode, but I will commnet on a couple here.

    The suggestion of changing IChI to INChI was made at the meeting I 
attended last November.  It was a throw-away comment which was certainly 
not followed up in the meeting, though subsequently it might have been 
adopted.  I have not heard anything official.

    The example of an IChI given in the report is copied from a sample 
that was sent to me so I am not anxious to change anything other than my 
added explanation.  In any case the standard has not been officially 
adopted and so may still change.  The example should be considered as 
something to give the flavour of what they are proposing rather than a 
definitive illustration.

    The report on the November meeting is now being proofread and should 
be on the web shortly.  I will let people know where they can find it as 
soon as I know.


Dr. I.D.Brown, Professor Emeritus,
Department of Physics and Astronomy
McMaster University, Hamilton
Ontario, Canada

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