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RE: Final draft of Phase-ID report

Dear Brian:

Many thanks for bringing Steve Heller's article at
http://www.hellers.com/steve/resume/p159.html to the attention
of all W.G. members. I read it with much interest and trust it
has also been read by our IUCr officers and others so we continue 
to take the actions necessary in remaining among Steve's "winners .... " 
rather than "the losers (who) will be the owners of the current 
technologies ... who cannot adapt to new and changing market 
conditions".  Articles such as this would be helped if accompanied 
by their e-publication dates, although his is clearly quite recent at
late 2003 or some time in 2004! 

I hope to be able to read and respond to your comments and 
David's final draft in the near future.

Best wishes


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