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Phase ID reminder

Dear Colleagues,

    Sidney Abrahams has reminded me that there have been no responses to 
my last email to the Phase Identifier group and that the deadline I 
suggested is fast approaching.

    We are close to preparing a final version of the report for which I 
will need the positive approval of each one of you (or you name will be 
recorded on the report as unavailable for signature).  I would rather 
have the bugs ironed out before preparing the final report, so your 
comments at this stage are more than welcome.  If you have lost my last 
email you can find it in the discussions of the Phase Identifier group 
which are kept on the IUCr web site (www.iucr.org/).  We are a Working 
Group of the Commission on Crystallographic Nomenclature.

    It is unlikely that I will be able to get to this report immediately 
after the deadline (31 March) so if you need a week or two longer a late 
response is better than no response at all.

    I look forward to hearing from you all.  Please address your 
comments to the Working Group by replying to this message.

Best wishes

David Brown

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