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RE: Phase Identifiers 2 (fwd)

Dear David

Thanks for reminding us that over a month has elapsed since your summary
of the present status of the Working Group's discussion of phase
May I take this opportunity to welcome our two new members John Westbrook
and Pierre Villars.

I had held my response in the expectation that others	not yet heard from
might add fresh ideas to those already on the table. Your reminder of the
time elapsed since then is hence most appropriate.

The list of components in item 6 of your summary seems to me to be close to
complete, with the exception of flags (a) that would indicate a magnetic
as you know, such phases have their own unique properties, and (b) that
distinguish betwen stable and unstable phases (a necessity noted previously
by Henry Kehanian).

I would suggest that it might be most helpful at this stage of our
if each member would be kind enough to attempt an application of the
in your September 19 list to several specific phases with which each may be
familiar and which the member thinks has unusual features, as a check of the
'unique and unambiguous' character of the identifier. Our final list, in
should result in no exceptions.

With best wishes.

Prof. S. C. Abrahams
Physics Department
Southern Oregon University
Ashland, OR 97520

Fax: (541) 552-6415   Tel: (541) 482 7942
Email: sca@mind.net

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