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Discussion list for phase identifiers

Dear Colleagues

At David Brown's request I have established a discussion list to coordinate
discussion on the topic of phase identifiers for the CCN Working Group.
I have already subscribed all the members of the Working Group to the
list, so that you should all receive this message. I have used the email
addresses in David's initial mailing; it is an unfortunate consequence of
the way in which list software operates that you may not be able to post
messages to the list if your address is even slightly different from this. If
you find that messages do bounce, please let me know and I shall try to fix

To make a contribution to the discussion, please send your emails to

A bonus of the list setup we use is that the discussions are automatically
archived, and you may review them at any time from the URL

Please be aware that although this archive will not be indexed from the main
IUCr web page, and is therefore unlikely to be encountered by random
browsing, there sre no access restrictions on anyone who does know the URL.
Therefore, although our discussions are not published, neither are they
strictly private.

I hope you find this facility useful.

Best wishes

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