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The International Union of Crystallography provides facilities for e-mail based discussion lists on topics relevant to the Union and the field of crystallography.

Current lists

Name Purpose Type* Archive  
General Community lists
sa_scat A discussion list of the IUCr Commission on Small-Angle Scattering. O Public subscribe
IUCr Commissions
compcomm-l Commission on Crystallographic Computing R Public subscribe
teaching-commission Commission on Crystallographic Teaching R Public subscribe
IUCr Subcommittees
epc-l Committee for the Electronic Publishing, Dissemination and Storage of Information. R Public subscribe
Regional Associates
ecacomsig European Crystallographic Association Computing Special Interest Group. P Public subscribe
The CIF Project
cif-developers Forum for CIF software developers O Public subscribe
COMCIFS Committee for the Maintenance of the CIF Standard R Public subscribe
coreDMG COMCIFS Core Dictionary Maintenance Group R Public subscribe
coreCIFchem COMCIFS Core DMG working party on chemical and molecular descriptions in CIF R Public subscribe
pdDMG COMCIFS Powder Diffraction Dictionary Maintenance Group R Public subscribe
imgcif-l Working Group on imgCIF/CBF (binary format for the storage and archiving of image data) O Public subscribe
* The following types of subscriptions exist:
Open: Anyone may subscribe
Private: Subscribers are added at the discretion of the list owner
Restricted: Subscribers are restricted to the members of a Commission, Committee or Working Group
Communications by non-subscribers to private or restricted lists should be directed to the list owner.

Other lists of interest

The following discussion lists are archived on this server, but managed elsewhere.
Name Purpose Subscription Address Subscription Request
mmciflist Working Group on mmCIF (macromolecular Crystallographic Information File) requests@ndbserver.rutgers.edu subscribe mmciflist Your Name
mmciftools Software tools supporting macromolecular CIF requests@ndbserver.rutgers.edu subscribe mmciftools Your Name
mmddlnews Working Group on DDL2.1 (dictionary definition language for mmCIF) requests@ndbserver.rutgers.edu subscribe mmddlnews Your Name

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