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The following books have been received by the Editor. Brief and generally uncritical notices are given of works of marginal crystallographic interest; occasionally, a book of fundamental interest is included under this heading because of difficulty in finding a suitable reviewer without great delay.

The physics of ferroelectric and antiferroelectric liquid crystals.
By I. Musevic, R. Blinc and B. Zeks | Review | Publisher |
Linus Pauling - selected scientific papers.
Edited by Barclay Kamb, Linda Pauling Kamb, Peter Jeffress Pauling, Alexander Kamb and Linus Pauling Jr | Notice | Publisher |
Structure determination from powder diffraction data. (International Union of Crystallography Monographs on Crystallography No. 13).
Edited by W. I. F. David, K. Shankland, L. M. McCusker and Ch. Baerlocher | Review | Publisher |
Symmetry 2000. Parts 1 and 2.
Edited by I. Hargittai and C. Laurent | Notice | Publisher |
Worked examples in the geometry of crystals. (Second edition).
By H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia | Notice | Publisher |
Crystal structure determination.
By Werner Massa. (English translation by R. O. Gould.) | Review | Publisher (Second English Edition) |
Protein structure prediction: methods and protocols.
Edited by David M. Webster | Review | Publisher |
Synchrotron Light to Explore Matter.
Produced by IMEDIASoft/Springer-Verlag/ESRF | Review | Publisher |
Structure and dynamics of biomolecules.
Edited by Eric Fanchon, Erik Geissler, Jean-Louis Hodeau, Jean-RenÚ Regnard and Peter A. Timmins | Notice | Publisher |
Principles of protein X-ray crystallography (2nd edition).
By Jan Drenth | Review | Publisher |
Perspectives in structural biology.
Edited by M. Vijayan, N. Yathindra and A. S. Kolaskar | Review | Publisher |
Modern crystallography. Vol. 2. Structure of Crystals. (Third edition).
Edited by B. K. Vainshtein, V. M. Fridkin and V. L. Indenbom | Review | Publisher |
Synchrotron Radiation (Production and Properties).
By Philip John Duke | Review | Publisher |
Phosphorus 2000. Chemistry, biochemistry & technology.
By D. E. C. Corbridge | Notice | Publisher |
Diffraction des rayonnements.
By Jean Protas | Review | Publisher |
Direct phasing in crystallography (IUCr Monographs on Crystallography No. 8.)
By C. Giacovazzo | Review | Publisher |
Crystallography made crystal clear (2nd edition).
By Gale Rhodes. | Notice | Review of 1st Edition | Publisher |
Crystallization of nucleic acids and proteins: a practical approach (2nd edition).
Edited by A. Ducruix and R. Giegé. | Notice | Review of 1st Edition | Publisher (2nd Edition) |
Group theoretical methods and applications to molecules and crystals.
By Shoon K. Kim. | Review | Publisher |
Reactivity of molecular solids.
Edited by Elena V. Boldyreva and Vladimir V. Boldyrev. | Review | Publisher |
The weak hydrogen bond in structural chemistry and biology.
By Gautam R. Desiraju and Thomas Steiner. | Review | Publisher (Paperback) |
Supersymmetry in disorder and chaos.
By Konstantin Efetov. | Notice | Publisher |
Nonequilibrium phase transitions in lattice models.
By J. Marro and R. Dickman. | Notice | Publisher |
Structure-based drug design.
Edited by Pandi Veerapandian. | Notice | Publisher |
Electron microscopy methods and protocols.
Edited by M. A. Nasser Hajibagheri. | Notice | Publisher |
The many faces of RNA.
Edited by D. S. Eggleston, C. D. Prescott and N. D. Pearson. | Notice | Publisher |
Rational molecular design in drug research.
Edited by T. Liljefors, F. S. J°rgensen and P. Krogsgaard-Larsen. | Notice | Publisher |
Patterson peaks.
By Donald L. Ward. | Notice |
Physics of crystal growth.
By Alberto Pimpinelli and Jacques Villain | Review | Publisher |
The self-made tapestry: Pattern formation in nature.
By Philip Ball. | Review | Publisher |
Einführung in die kristallographie.
By W. Kleber with H.-J. Bautsch and J. Bohm | Notice |
By D. Schwarzenbach | Notice | Publisher |
Ultrafast dynamics of quantum systems. Physical processes and spectroscopic techniques.
Edited by Baldassare Di Bartolo | Notice | Publisher |
Crystallography across the sciences.
Edited by H. Schenk | Notice | Publisher |
Physical properties of quasicrystals.
Edited by E. M. Stadnik | Review | Publisher |
On reflection
By Jonathan Miller | Review | Publisher |
Materials crystal chemistry.
By Relva C. Buchanan and Taeun Park. | Review | Publisher |
Disperse systems.
By Makoto Takeo, Pp. xi + 317. Weinheim: Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH, 1999. Price £85.00. ISBN 3-527-29458-9. The book discusses the nature and physical properties of disperse systems, including colloids, sols, micelles, vesicles, bilayers, emulsions, gels and aerosols. It is intended for use in `graduate courses in physics, physical chemistry, and chemical engineering and as a reference for those doing academic or industrial research'. | Publisher |
Scanning probe microscopy of polymers.
Edited by B. D. Ratner and V. V. Tsukruk. New York: Oxford University Press, 1998. Pp. xii + 367. Price US $125.00. ISBN 0-8412-3562-7. This volume is `developed from a symposium sponsored by the Division of Polymer Chemistry, at the 212th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Orlando, FL, August 25-29 1996'. It contains an Introduction, 13 papers on polymer morphology and structure, three on studies of local surface properties and four on current trends in SPM techniques. | Publisher |
Group III nitride semiconductor compounds. Physics and applications.
Edited by Bernard Gill. New York: Oxford University Press, 1998. Pp. xvii + 470. Price US $145.00. ISBN 0-19-850159-5. The book contains 11 contributions on the preparation, properties and applications of nitride semiconductors. It is intended as a tutorial introduction to the field for graduate students and young researchers. | Publisher |
Intermolecular interactions
By Werner Gans and Jan C. Boeyens. New York: Plenum Publishing Corporation, 1998. Pp. viii + 169. Price US $95.00. ISBN 0-306-45922-1. This volume `contains most of the invited lectures of the 2nd Structural Chemistry Indaba on Molecular Interactions held at Skukuza, Kruger Park, South Africa, August 3-8, 1997'. The conference addressed the proposition that the structure of a molecule may only be defined, if at all, in the context of its immediate environment. Professor Boeyens contributes an introduction proposing that all interatomic interactions are essentially manifestations of the same phenomena with the distinction between inter- and intra-molecular interactions being made on the basis of reversibility versus irreversibility of bonding. | Publisher |
Advanced computing in electron microscopy.
By Earl J. Kirkland | Review | Publisher |
Electron microscopy 1998
Edited by H. A. Calderón Benavides and M. José Yacamán. | Review | Publisher |
Nucleic acids in chemistry and biology.
Edited by C. Michael Blackburn and Michael J. Gait | Review | Publisher |
Local structure from diffraction.
Edited by S. J. L. Billinge and M. F. Thorpe. New York: Plenum Publishing Corp., 1998. Pp. x + 399. Price US $120.00. ISBN 0-306-45827-6. The book contains 20 articles prepared by invited speakers at a conference on the title topic, held in Traverse City, Michigan, USA, 10-13 August 1997. The Editors hope `that this volume fills a gap by bringing into one place descriptions of the various approaches which are used to collect, analyze and interpret diffuse scattering data'. | Publisher |
A practical guide to phase retrieval and the reconstruction of analytic functions from measurements of their absolute values
By S. Ramanathan. London: London Intercontinental Media Ltd, 1998. Pp. xlvi + 88 + 1.44 Mb disk. Price not given. ISBN 0-953-29700-4. A mathematical treatment by which the author claims `it is possible to generate and study an entire class of valid solutions of any phase retrieval problem'. Although the method is said to have applications in X-ray crystallography, the examples given are for one-dimensional functions and it is not at all clear that the method, which is based on the solution of a system of n linear equations in n unknowns, can generate and determine the unique solution for a diffraction experiment that leads to the correct atom-based model in three dimensions. | Publisher |
Defect recognition and image processing in semiconductors 1997
Edited by J. Donecker and I. Rechenberg. Pp. xx + 524. Bristol and Philadelphia: Institute of Physics Publishing, 1998. Price £135, US $270. ISBN 0 7503 0500 2. The book is number 160 in the Institute of Physics Conference Series. It contains the refereed collected proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on the title topic (DRIP VII), held in Templin, Germany, 7-10 September 1997. DRIP conferences `consider defects from the atomic scale up to inhomogeneities in complete wafers from the experimental point of view'. | Publisher |
Ternary and multinary compounds.
Edited by R. D. Tomlinson, A. E. Hill and R. D. Pilkington. Pp. xxiv + 1036. Bristol and Philadelphia: Institute of Physics Publishing, 1998. Price £200, US $399. ISBN 0 7503 0438 3. This volume contains the refereed papers presented at the 11th International Conference on Ternary and Multinary Compounds (ICTMC 11) held at the University of Salford, UK, in September 1997. | Publisher |
The basics of crystallography and diffraction
By Christopher Hammond. | Review | Publisher |
Interfacial wave theory of pattern formation.
By Jian-Jun Xu. Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag, 1998. Pp. xii + 296. Price: DM 98.00, US $59.95. ISBN 3-540-63145-3. This research monograph treats dendritic growth and viscous fingering in Hele-Shaw flow as special examples of a class of nonlinear pattern formation phenomena in nature. The book is described as `useful for researchers, post-doctoral and graduate students in the fields of condensed matter physics, applied mathematics, mechanical engineering and chemical engineering'. | Publisher |
Microscopy of semiconducting materials 1997.
Edited by A. G. Cullis and J. L. Hutchison. Pp. xvii + 709. Bristol and Philadelphia: Institute of Physics Publishing, 1997. Price £200.00, US $400.00. ISBN 0-7503-0464-2.This volume contains the invited and contributed papers presented at the conference on `Microscopy of Semiconducting Materials' held on 7-10 April 1997 at the University of Oxford under the scientific sponsorship of the Royal Microscopical Society, the Electron Microscopy and Analysis Group of the Institute of Physics and the Materials Research Society. The published works have been `reviewed by at least two referees and modified accordingly'. | Publisher |
Inorganic materials, 2nd edition
Edited by D. W. Bruce and M. O'Hare. Pp. xvi + 593. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 1997. Price £29.95, US $55.00 (paper). ISBN 0 471 96036 5. The first edition of this book was reviewed by B. A. Averill [J. Appl. Cryst. (1993). 26, 625-626]. In this second edition `six chapters have been substantially revised or updated, while another contains updated reference material'. | Review | Publisher - Hardback | Paperback |
X-ray charge densities and chemical bonding.
By Philip Coppens | Review | Publisher |
Macromolecular crystallography. Part A. Methods in Enzymology (Vol. 276.)
Edited by Charles W. Carter Jr and Robert M. Sweet. | Review | Publisher |
Macromolecular crystallography. Part B. Advances in Enzymology (Vol. 277.)
Edited by Charles. W. Carter Jr and Robert M. Sweet. | Review | Publisher |
Quantum dynamics of simple systems.
Edited by G.-L. Oppo, S. M. Barnett, E. Riis and M. Wilkinson. Pp. x + 373. Bristol: Institute of Physics Publishing, 1997. Price £27.00, US $50.00. ISBN 0-7503-0490-1 (paper). The book is a paperback reprint of the hardcover (ISBN 0-7503-0-351-4) collected proceedings of the 44th Scottish Universities Summer School in Physics, held in Stirling in August 1994 (a NATO Advanced Study Institute). Eleven lectures and 61 poster abstracts are included, together with a list of participants and a subject index. | Publisher - Paperback |
Simulations for solid state physics. An interactive teaching resource for students and teachers.
Edited by Robert H. Silsbee and Jörg Dräger.| Review | Publisher | Publisher- Paperback |
Molecular toxicology.
By P. David Josephy. | Review | Publisher |
Dynamics of crystal surfaces and interfaces.
Edited by P. M. Duxbury and T. J. Pence. Pp. x + 247. New York: Plenum Publishing Corporation, 1997. Price US $95.00. ISBN 0-306-45619-2. This book contains papers presented at the Traverse City, Michigan, conference on the title topic, held 4-8 August 1996. The book focuses on `atomic processes, step structure and dynamics; and their effect on surface and interface structures and on the relaxation kinetics of larger length-scale non-equilibrium morphologies'. | Publisher |
X-ray Scattering and Absorption by Magnetic Materials.
By S. W. Lovesey and S. P. Collins | Review | Publisher |
Applied superconductivity 1997
Edited by H. Rogalla and D. H. A. Blank. Pp. xl + 1712. Bristol and Philadelphia: Institute of Physics Publishing, 1997. Price £300.00, US $495.00. ISBN 0 75 030487 1. This volume contains 422 (after review) of the 431 invited and contributed papers presented at the third biennial European conference on the title topic, held in Veldhoven, The Netherlands, 30 June - 3 July 1997. | Publisher |
Organic molecular crystals: interaction, localization and transport phenomena.
By Edward A. Silinsh and Vladislav Cápek. | Review | Publisher |
Physics and chemistry at oxide surfaces.
By Claudine Noguera | Review | Publisher |
Collected works of Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin. Vol. I. Insulin. Vol. II. Cholesterol, penicillin and other antibiotics. Vol. III. General crystallography and essays.
Edited by G. G. Dodson, J. P. Glusker, S. Ramaseshan and K. Venkatesan | Updated review | Publisher |
Synchrotron radiation techniques in industrial, chemical, and materials science.
Edited by K. L. D'Amico, L. J. Terminello & D. K. Shuh. Pp. viii + 259. New York: Plenum Publishing Corporation, 1996. Price US $89.50. ISBN 0-306-45389-4. This volume contains the proceedings of two American Chemical Society symposia (Washington, DC, August 1994 and Chicago, IL, August 1995) devoted to the title topic. The intent of these symposia was `to present a broad overview of several current topics in industrial, chemical, and materials-based SR research to a chemically inclined audience'. | Publisher |
X-ray and neutron dynamical diffraction, theory and applications.
Edited by A. Authier, S. Lagomarsino and B. K. Tanner. Pp. ix + 419. New York: Plenum Publishing Corporation, 1996. Price US $125.00. ISBN 0-306-45501-3. This volume collects the proceedings of the eponymous 23rd International Course of Crystallography, a NATO Advanced Study Institute, held in Erice, Sicily, in April 1996. The first part reviews the basic principles of dynamical diffraction by perfect and nearly perfect crystals, the second deals with diffraction topography, the third with X-ray standing waves, the fourth with the theory and applications of high-resolution diffractometry, the fifth with multiple-beam diffraction and the sixth with X-ray and neutron interferometry. | Publisher |
Quasicrystals. A primer. (Second edition.)
By C. Janot | Review | Publisher |
Industrial crystallization - Process simulation, analysis and design.
By N. S. Tavare. | Review | Publisher |
Atomic and ion collisions in solids and at surfaces.
Edited by Roger Smith | Review | Publisher |
Molecular beam epitaxy. 2nd edition.
By M. A. Herman and H. Sitter. Pp. xiv + 453. Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag Gmbh & Co., 1996. Price DM 98.00. ISBN 3-540-60594-0. This book `describes a technique in wide-spread use for the production of high-quality semiconductor devices. It discusses the most important aspects of the MBE apparatus, the physics and chemistry of the crystallization of various materials and device structures, and the characterization methods that relate the structural parameters of the grown (or growing) film to the technologically relevant procedure. In this second edition two new fields have been added: crystallization of as-grown low-dimensional heterostructures, mainly quantum wires and quantum dots, and in-growth control of the MBE crystallization process of strained-layer structures. Out-of-date material has been removed.' | Publisher |
Electrooptic effects in liquid crystal materials.
By L. M. Blinov and V. G. Chigrinov. Pp xvii + 464. Berlin: Springer-Verlag, 1996. Price DEM 89.00 (Soft cover). ISBN 0-387-94708. This is a 'Study Edition' of the 1993 hard-cover version of this work. The book 'by two of the leaders in liquid-crystal research in Russia, presents a complete and accessible treatment of virtually all known phenomena occurring in liquid crystals under the influence of electric fields'. | Publisher |
Crystal identification with the polarizing microscope
By R. E. Stoiber and S. A. Morse. Pp xiv + 358. London: Chapman & Hall, 1994. Price GBP 24.95 (paperback). ISBN 0-412-04821-3. The book 'is intended to serve the needs of industrial and forensic scientists as well as petrographers who deal with rocks'.
Metamorphic crystallization.
By R. Kretz. Pp. xiv + 507. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons, 1994. Price GBP 22.50 (paperback). ISBN 0-471-94214-6. This book 'is an introduction to the science of metamorphism, prepared for senior undergraduates and graduate students in geology and geochemistry'. | Publisher |
Ordering and phase transitions in charged colloids.
Edited by A. K. Arora and B. V. R. Tata. Pp xi + 361. Weinheim: VCH Verlagsgesellschaft, GmbH, 1996. Price DEM 185.00. ISBN 1-56081-917-0. Colloidal dispersions have many interesting properties that 'almost mimic all the phases of condensed matter'. This volume covers a wide range of experimental and theoretical investigations into the title topic. Experimental techniques discussed include video microscopy, optical Bragg and Kossel diffraction, light scattering and ultra-small-angle X-ray scattering. Theoretical tools discussed include density-function theory, computer simulations and inversion methods. Both the 'repulsive' and the 'attractive–repulsive' schools of thought are represented.


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