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IUCr 1999 Triennial Report - Commission on Crystallographic Teaching

Visiting Professorship Programme

Visiting Professorships were granted to J.P. Glusker (see below) in 1997 and to D. Viterbo, who was a Visiting Professor at the University of La Habana, Cuba, 1—14 July 1998. Professor Viterbo presented several lectures concerning X-ray-diffraction and crystal structure determination as an introductory part to an International School on Materials. A number of Visiting Professorships were awarded in 1997 and 1998 as part of a project to promote crystallography in Africa. UNESCO awards through ICSU helped to support this Programme.

Contributions to Schools of Crystallography

The Commission has taken an essential part in organising the Fifth International School and Workshop of Crystallography: Teaching and Applications, which took place in Suez, Egypt, 5—11 April 1997. K. El-Sayed was the Chair of the Organising Committee, and L.A. Aslanov, J.P. Glusker, C.M. Gramaccioli and Å. Oskarsson were members of the Programme and Scientific Committees, and some were also teachers there.

M. Laing has taken active part in organising a School on Practical Applications of X-ray Powder Diffraction, which was held in Durban, South Africa, 22—26 September 1997. The Commission has also positively supported applications from some other International Schools asking for IUCr sponsorship and financial support: The Rietveld Summer School, Cieszyn, Poland, August 1997; Direct Methods, Erice, Italy, 22 May — 2 June 1997; Electron Crystallography, Erice, Italy, 22 May — 2 June 1997; Implications of Molecular and Materials Structure for New Technologies, Erice, Italy, 28 May — 7 June 1998 (C.P. Brock, M. Gramaccioli and L. Riva di Sanseverino participated as teachers); International School on Data Mining in Crystallography, to be held at Erice, Italy, 12—23 May 1999.

Other activities

At the Seattle Congress, a session on Teaching Crystallography was organised by Å. Oskarsson and L.A. Aslanov. Several members of the Commission contributed to the session. M.B. Hursthouse and E. Makovicky organised a session on Computer-Based Teaching in Crystallography, at ECM-17, Lisbon, Portugal, 24—28 August 1997. An Open Session on Teaching Crystallography was organised by Å. Oskarsson and D. Puscharowsky at ECM-18, Prague, Czech Republic, 16—20 August 1998. The Commission is presently organising the Open Commission Session on Teaching at the Glasgow Congress.

C.M. Gramaccioli, Chair

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