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IUCr 1999 Triennial Report - Commission on Synchrotron Radiation

The main activity of the Commission during the triennium has been to organise scientific meetings that cover the broad fields of crystallography involving the use of synchrotron radiation.

The Commission was heavily involved in the Seattle Congress. Three microsymposia (Synchrotron Radiation I, II and III) were successfully organised. In the microsymposia, topics were focused on 'Instrumentation and techniques', 'Macromolecules' and 'Applications; time-resolved, micro-crystal, high energy', respectively. In addition to the main Seattle Congress, a synchrotron radiation satellite meeting at the Advanced Photon Source (APS) in Argonne, USA, was organised under the auspices of the Commission and the APS (4—7 August 1996). 150 people participated in the satellite. More than 30 invited leading synchrotron-radiation scientists presented the latest developments in the field. The impact of the new third-generation sources was reviewed. The satellite consisted of seven oral sessions and four poster sessions. The oral sessions covered 'Facility report', 'Developments at third-generation X-ray sources', 'Macromolecular applications', 'Materials science and physics applications' (two sessions), 'High-pressure applications', and 'Detector, software and instrumentation'. During the Seattle Congress, a meeting of the Commission was held, and the future plans of the Commission's activities were discussed.

In 1997, the Commission organised a scientific meeting on the crystallographic application of synchrotron radiation (1—2 August 1997) at the Photon Factory as a satellite meeting of the Sixth International Conference on Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation (4—8 August 1997) which was held at Himeji, Japan. Y. Amemiya (University of Tokyo) and T. Matsushita (Photon Factory) co-chaired the satellite meeting. In the meeting, particular attention focused on 'time-resolved X-ray experiments'. The satellite meeting consisted of the following six oral sessions: (1) New opportunities for time-resolved experiments (I) — third-generation synchrotron radiation sources; (2) New opportunities for time-resolved experiments (II) — new methods; (3) Time-resolved small-angle X-ray scattering; (4) Mössbauer spectroscopy in time domain; (5) Time-resolved XAFS; (6) Detectors for time-resolved measurements. About sixty people from ten countries participated in the satellite. Advanced techniques and new methods for time-resolved measurements were discussed in detail over a broad range. The role of second-generation sources was discussed in relation to the new third-generation sources in order to broaden experimental opportunities available and to activate further the field of synchrotron radiation research. The collaboration of the Photon Factory staff for the organisation of the satellite was greatly appreciated. The proceedings of the satellite meeting were issued as a KEK Proceedings (74-14, November 1997, M), which is available from the KEK library.

Since the end of 1997, the Commission has been discussing the satellite meeting of the Glasgow Congress. The venue will be Daresbury Laboratory on 2—3 August. R.J. Cernik will chair the satellite meeting. The title for the meeting is 'From source to science' and covers topics such as: (1) Coherence; (2) Polarisation; (3) High resolution; (4) Dynamic studies; (5) Anomalous scattering. In addition, there will be two plenary lectures. The main aim is for a small, well focused, friendly meeting with a single set of sessions.

The Commission has been heavily involved also in the Glasgow Congress. Three members from the Commission (Y. Amemiya, R. Feidenhans’l and A. Yonath) are serving as members of the Glasgow Programme Committee.

Through the activities of the Commission, the interaction between users groups of synchrotron radiation facilities all over the world has been enhanced.

Y. Amemiya, Chair

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