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IUCr 1993 Triennial Report - Commission on International Tables

The International Union of Crystallography held its triennial meetings in Bordeaux in July 1990, in the course of which the Commission on International Tables met both in a closed and in an open session. The status of the current Volumes A-D was reported on both occasions, and proposals for future volumes were outlined. The Open Meeting was well attended, but only the Editors and one ex officio member (out of seven) were present at the closed meeting. This is not surprising, since the tight scheduling of Commission meetings meant that most of the ex officio members had to choose between chairing their own Commissions or attending that on the International Tables. Perhaps partly because of this poor attendance, the Executive Committee decided not to appoint ex officio members for the period 1990-1993. However, such members were very important in planning and suggesting authors for Volumes B and C, and this decision should be reconsidered if second editions of these volumes are planned.

Discussion continued on two other proposals (Crystallographic Computing; Mathematics for Modern Crystallography). Such volumes would be of great value to the crystallographic community, but the appropriate format needs further consideration. The formats so far considered are (i) Volumes of the International Tables and (ii) Monographs, such as those of the Oxford University Press. The proposals have not progressed further during the triennium.

A. J. C. Wilson has resigned as Chairman of the Commission with effect from 1 July 1993, and will be succeeded by Th. Hahn.

Detailed reports on the Volumes of the International Tables for Crystallography that are currently active are given below.

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