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IUCr 1993 Triennial Report - European Crystallographic Committee (ECC)

The IUCr Representative attended the meetings of the ECC held in July 1990 during the Bordeaux Congress, in August 1991 during ECM-13 in Trieste, Italy (moved from Ljubljana as a consequence of the civil war in the former Yugoslavia) and in August 1992 during ECM-14 in Enschede, The Netherlands. During these meetings he participated in the discussions of various topics giving, in particular, information about the work and decisions of the Executive Committee concerning the European Crystallographic Committee. In both Trieste and Enschede, he represented the President and the Executive Committee, who had been unable to attend these ECMs.

During the Trieste meeting, Albania and Turkey obtained observer status. The united Germany was already represented by one delegate from the united German National Committee. The proposal of the Swedish National Committee to form a European Crystallographic Association brought a lively discussion. The lengthy debate upon this important question was finally adjourned until the next meeting. The meeting received reports on the next European Crystallographic Meetings: ECM-14, Enschede, The Netherlands, 1992; ECM-15, Dresden (instead of Leipzig), 1994; and accepted an invitation from the University of Lund, Sweden, concerning ECM-16, 1995.

In Enschede, first the membership status of the new independent European countries was reviewed. Prior to this, the membership of ex-USSR and ex-Yugoslavia in the ECC was cancelled. After the presentation of their accreditations, Latvia, Croatia, Slovenia and Ukraine were admitted by voting as members of the ECC. During this meeting, the membership of Russia, Moldavia and Estonia, for various reasons, could not be approved. Reports were received on the organization of ECM-15 (28 August-2 September 1994) and ECM-16 (1995) and oral invitations were received from Egypt (Cairo) and Portugal (Lisbon) for 1997. The written invitation from Prague (now the Czech Republic) did not specify the date of the proposed meeting. The formation of an ECA, owing to the unstable political situation in Europe, was adjourned again to the next ECM in 1994.

The ECC officers for 1990-1993 are: Chairman: K. Huml (Czechoslovakia); Vice-Chairman: H. Fuess (Germany); Secretary: H. Flack (Switzerland). According to an unusual but joint decision of the ECC officers, no ECC meeting will be held in Beijing during the IUCr Congress and General Assembly in 1993. Consequently, the new officers will be elected only in Dresden in 1994.

5 May 1993                                 A. KÁLMÁN

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