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IUCr Information Services Web

The Information Services Web of the International Union of Crystallography is coordinated by the IUCr Webmaster, whose contact details are given at the foot of the page.

The Service is provided by the IUCr to promote its activities and to coordinate major information exchange systems for the benefit of the crystallography community.

The primary server is located at Chester, England, and acts as a hub site, mirroring the content of its major components and of a number of other important crystallography resources, and redistributing this content to a number of mirror servers located around the world under the sponsorship of individual National Crystallographic Committees.

Offers to provide additional information for mirroring and redistribution should be addressed to the Webmaster at the address below.

Requests from National Committees for information on the establishment of accredited national mirrors should be directed to The Executive Secretary.

The Information Services Web is maintained under the authority of the IUCr Committee for Electronic Publishing, Dissemination and Storage of Information.

The reference URL for the IUCr information services web is http://www.iucr.org/welcome.html.

Brian McMahon

Research and Development Officer
International Union of Crystallography
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tel: 44(1244)342878
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e-mail: webmaster@iucr.org

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