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H = Laue indices h k l of a reflection

K = Laue indices h1 k1 l1 of another reflection

$\theta_H$ = Bragg angle of a reflection H

IH = intensity of a reflection H ($I_H\propto\vert F_H\vert^2$)

FH = the structure factor of H. In this work FH will be corrected for thermal motion and brought onto an absolute scale.

EH = normalised structure factor of H

UH = unitary structure factor of H

GH = structure factor of H based on the squared structure

$\phi_H$ = phase of reflection H

N = number of atoms in the unit cell

fj = scattering factor of atom j

Zj = atomic number of atom j

rj = position of atom j in vector notation

xj, yj, zj = position of atom j in Cartesian coordinates

E3 = N-1/2|EHEKE-H-K|


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