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New Series

A third series of the Teaching Pamphlets sponsored by the Commission on Crystallographic Teaching is now available for private study and individual use.

Series Preface

The long term aim of the Commission on Crystallographic Teaching in establishing this pamphlet programme is to produce a large collection of short statements each dealing with a specific topic at a specific level. The emphasis is on a particular teaching approach and there may well, in time, be pamphlets giving alternative teaching approaches to the same topic. It is not the function of the Commission to decide on the `best' approach but to make all available so that teachers can make their own selection. Similarly, in due course, we hope that the same topics will be covered at more than one level.

The first set of ten pamphlets, published in 1981, and this second set of nine represent a sample of the various levels and approaches and it is hoped that they will stimulate many more people to contribute to this scheme. It does not take very long to write a short pamphlet, but its value to someone teaching a topic for the first time can be very great.

Each pamphlet is prefaced by a statement of aims, level, necessary background, etc.

C. A. Taylor
Editor for the Commission

First Series (1981)

Second Series

Also available, by permission of the Royal Society of Chemistry, is the article Crystal Growing by Peter G. Jones (Chemistry in Britain, Volume 17, Number 5, May 1981)

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