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Crystallographic Teaching Commission of the IUCr

Crystallographic Teaching Commission Newsletter No 2. November 2007

(2nd issue with the theme of 'History of the ORTEP of the Year (OOTY) Award' and other articles.)

(This Issue's Editor - Lachlan Cranswick)

Downloading the Newsletter

Click to download IUCr Teaching Commission Newsletter No 2 as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file (5.9 Meg)

Articles/features in this Issue

  • IUCr Commission on Crystallographic Teaching

  • From the Crystallographic Chair

    • The History of the ORTEP of the Year ("OOTY") Award. - Richard L. Harlow

    • Reprint of "Troublesome Crystal Structures: Prevention, Detection, and Resolution" [J. Res. Natl. Inst. Stand. Technol. 101, 327-339 (1996)] - Richard L. Harlow

    • Crystallographic Data Validation - Ten Years On. - Anthony Linden

    • An Online Course in X-ray Crystallography - Patrick J. Carroll

    • X-ray Safety for Analytical Instrumentation: It's what you cannot see or feel that will hurt you! - Joseph H. Reibenspies

    • Validation of a Complex Inorganic Crystal Structure using Bond Valence Restraints - Ivana Radosavljevic Evans

    • Teaching of Molecular Symmetry to Pakistani Students - Zia Khan

    • Teaching of Crystallography to Chemistry and Physics students in Pakistan - Zia Khan

    • Maximum Entropy Method - A Tool for Complete Structural Characterization of Crystalline Compounds - Roxana Flacau

  • Calls for contributions to Newsletter No. 3

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