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Revised Monday, March 8th, 2004

Commission on Small Angle Scattering

of the International Union of Crystallography

Table of Contents:

The Commission's Terms of Reference define the scope of its activities

The Members of the Commission represent the interests of the worldwide Small-Angle Scattering community.

Communication, with the goal of Building a Worldwide SAS Community, must be the first task of the Commission. Check this link to see how you can join in this community.

Technical Meetings are important communications forums. Check our list to see what you should attend or to help us fill in the gaps in our coverage.

Check out our list of Selected Readings in Small-Angle Scattering.

Check out our list of Useful links for Small-Angle Scattering.

The members of the Commission will need all of the help that you can provide to develop and carry out a Technical Agenda. Be sure to forward your questions and suggestions to the members of the Commission.

Those who are interested in knowing how these things get started should take a look at the Background Material that we have provided.

The Commission collaborates closely with national small-angle scattering interest groups.

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Building a Worldwide Small-Angle Scattering Community

Individual members of the worldwide SAS community are hereby asked to:

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Instructions for subscribing to and using the SAS Listserver:

The sa_scat listserver is an electronic mailing list that any member of the SAS community can use. Any notices that are posted to the mailing list go to all subscribers. This approach was chosen for its convenience, its immediacy, and its open nature. The importance of free and open communication in a community of a few hundred souls spread all over the surface of the globe cannot be overemphasized. Anyone who wishes to enroll as a subscriber to the SAS listserver need only visit the sa_scat list info page. The page lets you do all sorts of things, so please take the opportunity to browse around on it alittle bit.

In a short while you should receive a message welcoming you to the subscription list. From time to time the list manager may add names to the list as supplied by responsible parties such as facility managers, meeting organizers, etc. Persons who do not want to be on the list can use the listinfo page to unsubscribe themselves.

Posting a message to the listserver is a simple matter of sending an e-mail message to sa_scat@iucr.org. For the time being we have set it up so that anyone can send such a message. Only subscribers will receive messages.

You are welcome to use the listserver to transmit any material that you believe would be topical and of widespread interest to the community. Questions on which you want opinions from experts in SAS are also fair game for posting to the listserver. Persons seeking jobs or posting employment opportunities related to SAS are also free to use the listserver. Since anyone who is interested in the list is a scientific professional we do not expect to see any harassing messages or meandering discussion threads.

Replying to the list: This should only be done when you are certain that you want the entire list to see your reply. In all other cases you should avoid hitting the "reply" button in favor of creating a new message addressed directly to the intended recipient(s).

Reviewing the Subscriber list: Subscribers can view the list of their fellow subscribers from the sa_scat list info page. This procedure is meant to let you know whom you are (and are not) reaching when you post a message. We hope that subscribers will encourage their friends to join the community by becoming subscribers to the list.

The standards for discourse on this mailing list are naturally the same as those that would prevail in any public gathering of technical professionals.

If you require assistance on any of these matters, please do not hesitate to contact the list manager.

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