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 CIFtbx2 -- Extended CIF Tool Box (Fortran) with CYCLOPS and cif2cif
(Version 2.6.2 of CIFtbx; Version 2.1.4 of CYCLOPS; Version 0.0.8 of cif2cif, June 1998)

 OOSTAR -- Applications to Manipulate STAR Files (Objective-C)

 pdb2cif -- Scripts to Filter a PDB Entry and Produce mmCIF
(Version 2.3.9, 17 Apr 2001)

 cif2pdb -- Program to Convert mmCIF to pseudo-PDB Format
(Version 1.0.1, 17 June 1998)

 CIFLIB - C Language Application Program Interface

 CIFPARSE - A Library of Access Tools for mmCIF

 CIFOBJ - A Class Library of mmCIF Dictionary Access Tools

 CIFTABLE - A Class Library of Table Access Tools

 Correspondence dictionary for data item names changed since mmCIF dictionary revision 0.8.2

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Please direct any comments on the mmCIF Software to the mmCIF software tools mailing list at mmciftools@ndbserver.rutgers.edu.

To join the Macromolecular CIF software tools mailing list, send a message to requests@ndbserver.rutgers.edu with the contents:

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