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Category: space_group

Data type: char

May appear in a looped list containing '_space_group_id'


'P 2c -2ac' 'Equivalent to Pca21'
'-I 4bd 2ab 3' 'Equivalent to Ia3d'


Space group symbol defined by Hall. Each component of the space group name is separated by a space or an underscore. The use of space is strongly recommended. The underscore is only retained because it was used in earlier archived files. It should not be used in new CIFs. _space_group_name_Hall uniquely defines the space group and its reference to a particular coordinate system. Ref: Hall, S. R. (1981). Acta Cryst. A37, 517-525 See also International Tables for Crystallography, Vol.B (1993) 1.4 Appendix B)

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