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Core CIF Dictionary version 2.3




Category: refln

Data type: char

Related item: '_refln_observed_status'
Related function: alternate

Must appear in a looped list containing '_refln_index_'

Permitted values:


;                                     (lower-case letter o for 'observed')
satisfies _refine_ls_d_res_high
satisfies _refine_ls_d_res_low
exceeds _reflns_threshold_expression

;                                     satisfies _refine_ls_d_res_high
satisfies _refine_ls_d_res_low
does not exceed

- 'systematically absent reflection'
x 'unreliable measurement -- not used'
h 'does not satisfy _refine_ls_d_res_high'
l 'does not satisfy _refine_ls_d_res_low'

Enumeration default: o


Classification of a reflection so as to indicate its status with respect to inclusion in refinement and calculation of R factors.

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