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Core CIF Dictionary version 2.3




Category: publ

Data type: char

Permitted values:

FA 'Full article'
FI 'Full submission - inorganic (Acta C)'
FO 'Full submission - organic (Acta C)'
FM 'Full submission - metal-organic (Acta C)'
CI 'CIF-access paper - inorganic (Acta C)'
CO 'CIF-access paper - organic (Acta C)'
CM 'CIF-access paper - metal-organic (Acta C)'
EI 'Electronic submission - inorganic (Acta E)'
EO 'Electronic submission - organic (Acta E)'
EM 'Electronic submission - metal-organic (Acta E)'
AD 'Addenda & Errata (Acta C, Acta E)'
SC 'Short Communication'

Enumeration default: FA


The category of paper submitted. For submission to Acta Crystallographica Section C, or Acta Crystallographica Section E, ONLY those codes indicated for use with that journal should be used.

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