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Category: category_overview

Data type: null


    N6   HN6  OW   0.888(8)  1.921(12)  2.801(8)  169.6(8)  yes
    OW   HO2  O7   0.917(6)  1.923(12)  2.793(8)  153.5(8)  yes
    OW   HO1  N10  0.894(8)  1.886(11)  2.842(8)  179.7(9)  yes

Example 1 - based on C~14~H~13~ClN~2~O.H~2~O, reported by Palmer, Puddle & Lisgarten [(1993). Acta Cryst. C49, 1777-1779].


   Data items in the GEOM_HBOND category record details about
   hydrogen bonds, as calculated from the contents of the ATOM,
   CELL, and SYMMETRY data.

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