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'_exptl_crystal_size_length' '_exptl_crystal_size_max' '_exptl_crystal_size_mid' '_exptl_crystal_size_min' '_exptl_crystal_size_rad'

Category: exptl_crystal

Data type: numb

May appear in a looped list containing '_exptl_crystal_id'

Enumeration range: 0.0 -> infinity

Units: mm ( millimetres)


   The maximum, medial and minimum dimensions in millimetres of
   the crystal. If the crystal is a sphere then the *_rad item is
   its radius. If the crystal is a cylinder then the *_rad item
   is its radius and the *_length item is its length. These may
   appear in a list with _exptl_crystal_id if multiple crystals
   are used in the experiment.

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