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Category: category_overview

Data type: null


    _diffrn_reflns_number              1592
    _diffrn_reflns_av_R_equivalents    0
    _diffrn_reflns_av_unetI/netI       .027
    _diffrn_reflns_limit_h_min         0
    _diffrn_reflns_limit_h_max         6
    _diffrn_reflns_limit_k_min        -17
    _diffrn_reflns_limit_k_max         0
    _diffrn_reflns_limit_l_min         0
    _diffrn_reflns_limit_l_max         22
    _diffrn_reflns_theta_min           3.71
    _diffrn_reflns_theta_max           61.97

Example 1 - based on data set TOZ of Willis, Beckwith & Tozer [(1991). Acta Cryst. C47, 2276-2277].


   Data items in the DIFFRN_REFLNS category record details about
   the set of intensities measured in the diffraction experiment.

   The DIFFRN_REFLNS data items specify the parameters that apply
   to all intensity measurements. The DIFFRN_REFLNS data items
   are not looped.

   (The DIFFRN_REFLN data items refer to individual intensity
   measurements, and must be included in looped lists.)

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