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Category: category_overview

Data type: null


      primary  'Fitzgerald, P.M.D.'
      primary  'McKeever, B.M.'
      primary  'Van Middlesworth, J.F.'
      primary  'Springer, J.P.'
      primary  'Heimbach, J.C.'
      primary  'Leu, C.-T.'
      primary  'Herber, W.K.'
      primary  'Dixon, R.A.F.'
      primary  'Darke, P.L.'
      2        'Navia, M.A.'
      2        'Fitzgerald, P.M.D.'
      2        'McKeever, B.M.'
      2        'Leu, C.-T.'
      2        'Heimbach, J.C.'
      2        'Herber, W.K.'
      2        'Sigal, I.S.'
      2        'Darke, P.L.'
      2        'Springer, J.P.'
      3        'McKeever, B.M.'
      3        'Navia, M.A.'
      3        'Fitzgerald, P.M.D.'
      3        'Springer, J.P.'
      3        'Leu, C.-T.'
      3        'Heimbach, J.C.'
      3        'Herber, W.K.'
      3        'Sigal, I.S.'
      3        'Darke, P.L.'

Example 1 - based on PDB entry 5HVP and laboratory records for the structure corresponding to PDB entry 5HVP.


   Data items in the CITATION_AUTHOR category record details
   about the authors associated with the citations in the
   _citation_ list.

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