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'_cell_reciprocal_length_a' '_cell_reciprocal_length_b' '_cell_reciprocal_length_c'

Category: cell

Data type: numb (with optional s.u. in parentheses)

Enumeration range: 0.0 -> infinity

Units: A^-1^ ( reciprocal angstroms)


   The reciprocal cell lengths in inverse Angstroms.  These are 
   related to the real cell by the following equation:

   recip-a = b*c*sin(alpha)/V

   recip-b = c*a*sin(beta)/V

   recip-c = a*b*sin(gamma)/V

   where V is the cell volume.

   Ref: Buerger, M.J. (1942). X-ray Crystallography, p. 360.
           New York: John Wiley & Sons Inc.

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