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'_atom_site_label_component_0' '_atom_site_label_component_1' '_atom_site_label_component_2' '_atom_site_label_component_3' '_atom_site_label_component_4' '_atom_site_label_component_5' '_atom_site_label_component_6'

Category: atom_site

Data type: char

Must appear in a looped list containing '_atom_site_label'


   Component 0 is normally a code which matches identically with
   one of the _atom_type_symbol codes. If this is the case then the
   rules governing the _atom_type_symbol code apply. If, however,
   the data item _atom_site_type_symbol is also specified in the
   atom site list, component 0 need not match this symbol or adhere
   to any of the _atom_type_symbol rules.
   Component 1 is referred to as the "atom number". When component 0
   is the atom type code, it is used to number the sites with the
   same atom type. This component code must start with at least one
   digit which is not followed by a + or - sign (to distinguish it
   from the component 0 rules).
   Components 2 to 6 contain the identifier, residue, sequence,
   asymmetry identifier and alternate codes, respectively. These
   codes may be composed of any characters except an underline.

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