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IUCr 1997 Report - European Crystallographic Committee (ECC)

The ECC met in Lisbon, Portugal, 25 - 27 August 1997, during the Seventeenth European Crystallographic Meeting (ECM-17). ECM-17 was highly successful with more than 800 participants. The contributions ranged from biocrystallography to mineral science with a large proportion of molecular biology and molecular crystals.

Prior to the central discussion on the creation of a more formal association, during the ECC session the organizers of ECM-18 to be held in Prague, Czech Republic, in 1998 reported on the timetable of the meeting and the proposed satellites. Nancy, France, has been chosen to welcome ECM-19 in 2000. A preliminary vote for 2001 in favour of Cracow, Poland, was registered.

As agreed during the Seattle Congress, a working group had elaborated statutes and by-laws of a European Crystallographic Association. These documents had been circulated among the delegates. These statutes were extensively discussed, partially amended and finally adopted by those present. The Chair of the ECC, H. Fuess, declared the ECC as dissolved and the ECA to exist. A new Executive Committee was elected on the basis of the new statutes. Those elected are: C. Giacovazzo (President), J. Bernstein (Vice-President), P. Beurskens (Secretary), S. Harkema (Treasurer) and A. Carrondo, P. Paufler, F. H. Allen (members). The legal domicile of the Association is Nijmegen, The Netherlands. The membership shall consist of National Members (adhering bodies), Affiliate Members (legally constituted bodies) and Individual Members. The ECA is the Regional Associate of the IUCr for Europe and some neighbouring countries.

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