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IUCr 1997 Report - Asian Crystallographic Association (AsCA)

The next Triennial Conference of AsCA will be held in Hotel Equatorial Bongi, Selangor, Malaysia, 13 - 15 October 1998. Professor S. L. Chang is the Chair of the International Organizing Committee, Professor A.H. Othman the Chair of the Local Organizing Committee and Professor T. Yamanaka is the Chair of the International Programme Committee. The first circular of AsCA '98 has been distributed to all the societies concerned. The conference is intended as a forum of all the fields of crystallography in Asia. A special symposium on the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the IUCr will be included. The homepage address of the Conference is http://gandalf.otago.ac.nz:800/rweavers/ASCA/asca98.htm. The AsCA has developed its own e-mail version of the AsCA Newsletter to improve communication within its member countries. The editor is Professor J. Simpson.

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