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IUCr 1996 Report - European Crystallographic Committee (ECC)

The ECC met in Seattle on 10 August with, for the first time, South Africa as an observer.

The organizers of both 1997 and 1998 European Crystallographic Meetings to be held in Lisbon and Prague, respectively, reported on the facilities and organization of their meetings. No decision was made about the ECM in 2000.

The main discussion was about the proposed change of the rather informal organization of the European Crystallographic Committee into a European Crystallographic Association with legal status. The ECC is in favour of such a change and appointed a Working Group consisting of the ECC officers H. Fuess, J. Bernstein and A. Smith, and P. Beurskens and S. Candeloro to develop the concept Statutes. The Working Group circulated the revised Statutes by e-mail to all national delegates to obtain national approval and amendments. It is expected that the ECC will take the formal decision about the Statutes of the European Crystallographic Association in 1997.

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