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IUCr 1996 Report - Commission on Synchrotron Radiation

The Commission has continued its work over the broad field of crystallography with the use of synchrotron radiation during the last year.

The Commission was heavily involved in the Seattle Congress and the Chairman (Å. Kvick of ESRF) was active on the Programme Committee. Three microsymposia (Synchrotron Radiation I, II and III) were successfully organized. In the microsymposia, topics were focused on: Instrumentation and techniques; Macromolecules; and Applications: time-resolved, microcrystal, high energy, respectively. In addition to the main Congress in Seattle, a Synchrotron Radiation Satellite Meeting at the Advanced Photon Source (APS) in Argonne was organized under the auspices of the Commission and the APS (4-7 August 1996). As many as 150 people participated in the satellite. More than 30 invited leading synchrotron-radiation scientists presented the latest developments in the field. The impact of the new third-generation sources was reviewed. The satellite consisted of seven oral sessions and four poster sessions. The oral sessions covered: Facility report; Developments at third-generation X-ray sources; Macromolecular application; Materials science and physics application; High-pressure application; and Detector, software and instrumentation.

During the Seattle Congress, a meeting of the Commission was held, and the future plans of the Commission activities were discussed. Among nine members of the Commission, four were replaced by new members. Y. Amemiya (University of Tokyo, Japan) was elected as Commission Chairman succeeding Å. Kvick (ESRF, France) who had conducted the Commission successfully during the preceding three years.

The Commission is planning to organize a scientific meeting on crystallographic application of synchrotron radiation (1-2 August 1997) at the Photon Factory as a satellite meeting of the 6th International Conference on Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation (4-8 August 1997), which will be held at Himeji, Japan. In the satellite, particular attention will focus on Time-Resolved X-ray Experiments. The role of second-generation sources will be discussed in relation to the new third-generation sources in order to broaden experimental opportunities available and to activate further the field of synchrotron-radiation research. The Commission also started to discuss the satellite meeting of the Glasgow Congress in 1999.

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