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IUCr 1995 Report - Commission on Journals

1995 was a relatively stable year for the journals, with no major changes instituted. Volume 51 of Acta Crystallographica (Acta) included 1494 papers with an overall total of 5888 pages. The number of papers received by the Managing Editor was 1516, a 17% increase over 1994. Median publication times fell for Full Articles in Section A (5.9 months), but in Sections B (7.1 months) and D (6.8 months) publication times increased, mainly as a result of the publication of Special Issues. In Section C, the median publication time for Regular Structural Papers decreased to 6.2 months.

Volume 28 of the Journal of Applied Crystallography (JAC) contained 144 papers with an overall total of 860 pages. The median publication time for Full Articles decreased to 6.8 months from 7.3 months in 1994.

Volume 2 of the Journal of Synchrotron Radiation (JSR) included 50 papers in its first year of full publication following the inaugural issue in late 1994. Containing 319 pages, the median publication time was 2.6 months.

Comments from the individual editors follow, but everyone would agree that the dedication of the editing staff in Chester, the diligence of hard-working Co-editors and reviewers, and the continuing support of the authors who have chosen to publish in these journals have all contributed to the exceptional quality of the journals during 1995.

A survey of the contents of IUCr Journals is given in Acta Cryst. (1996). A52, 960.

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