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IUCr 1994 Report - Commission on Crystallographic Teaching

The main activities of the Commission in 1994 were:

1. The IUCr Visiting Professorship Programme. Professor N. Kasai, a member of this Commission, was granted a Visiting Professorship of three weeks in March-April 1994, in Hanoi, Vietnam, and in August 1994 he also visited the Chiang Mai University in Thailand. In June 1994, two Visiting Professorships were granted to Profesor Theo Hahn and Professor Hans Wondratschek for a School on crystal symmetry held in Sofia, Bulgaria, 3-10 June 1994, and two visiting Professorships were also granted to the same persons for the St Petersburg School (see below). A Visiting Professorship was granted to Dr P. Mallinson from the University of Glasgow in connection with the School on charge density studies to be held at La Plata, Argentina, in May 1995.

2. Teaching Schools. Sponsorship and active participation in the organization of two Schools taking place in Bangkok in connection with the next AsCA Meeting have been considered. These Schools will focus on crystallography applied to precious materials and to computing: the latter is being developed jointly with the Commission on Crystallographic Computing. Sponsorship for another School taking place in Calcutta on Macromolecular Crystallographic Data has also been requested (by the main organizers Professor Vijayan and Professor Dattagupta). In Europe, Dr David Watkin started his work on organizing a course on Small-Molecule Structure Analysis (Aston, England, Easter 1995). Two courses in Russia (St Petersburg and Moscow) on Space-Group Symmetry and the Rietveld Method, which are taking place in summer 1995, were planned with the sponsorship of this Commission and the active work of Dr Aslanov. Dr I. D. Brown started the organizational work for a School on the Structural Chemistry of Solid-State Materials to be held in Canada in Summer 1995. Support for the School on Charge Density in La Plata, Argentina, was given by granting a Visiting Professorship (see above). In April 1994, Dr Karimat El-Sayed organized a Workshop on Fourier Series, Fourier Transforms and their Application in Physics and Crystallography: sponsorship of this Commission was requested, and two Visiting Professorships were granted for the purpose.

3. Symposia on Crystallographic Teaching. A Microsymposium on this subject has been organized in connection with the next European Congress (ECM-16) in Lund, Sweden, with the active collaboration of Dr A. Oskarsson, a member of this Commission.

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