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IUCr 1994 Report - Commission on Synchrotron Radiation

In this period, the main activities involved several Meetings and Workshops with active participation from the Commission. These Meetings included a Symposium on Frontiers of Materials Science in Synchrotron Radiation in Kobe, Japan, a Summer School on Synchrotron Radiation in Natural Sciences in Jaszowice, Poland, the organization of a Microsymposium on Synchrotron and Neutron Diffraction: Results and Perspectives at the International Mineralogical Association General Meeting in Pisa, Italy, and the organization of a Microsymposium on Methods and Instrumentation in Synchrotron Radiation at the 15th European Crystallographic Meeting in Dresden, Germany.

The Polish Summer School on the topic of the use of synchrotron radiation in natural science is an on-going Summer School organized every two years by the Polish synchrotron users community, notably Professor Auleytner and his colleagues in Warsaw. The School brings users from predominantly the Eastern countries together and all aspects of synchrotron-radiation research in natural sciences are covered by invited leading synchrotron scientists in the various fields The Commission has actively participated in the Organizing Committe for several years. Detailed reports are published in Acta Physica Polonica.

The Microsymposia directly organized by the Commission presented the latest developments in synchrotron radiation of interest to the mineralogical community. In particular, the rapid progress in high-pressure instrumentation and methods were highlighted.

A well attended Microsymposium on Instrumentation and Methods in Synchrotron Radiation at ECM-15 in Dresden focused its interest mainly on the new development trends in detectors and microcrystal diffraction.

The Commission has also been active in planning Meetings for the coming years. The most prominent one being the Synchrotron Satellite Meeting in connection with the Seattle Congress in 1996. The Satellite Meeting will be held at Argonne National Laboratory, 4-7 August 1996. The Commission has organized four different Microsymposium sessions on synchrotron-radiation-related topics at the European Crystallographic Meeting (ECM-16) in Lund, Sweden, to be held in August 1995.

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