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IUCr 1994 Report - Sub-Committee on the Union Calendar

The Sub-Committee receives and considers requests for IUCr sponsorship and nominal financial support and makes recommendations to the Executive Committee. Acting on the recommendations made by the Sub-Committee, during 1994 the Executive Committee approved sponsorship of several Schools and Meetings, mostly with financial support. Those held in 1994 are listed at the beginning of this Report of the Executive Committee. Those scheduled for 1995, but approved in 1994, are listed below:

1. BCA Fifth Intensive Course in X-ray Structure Analysis, Aston, England, 1-9 April 1995.

2. International School on Quasicrystals, Balatonfüred, Hungary, 13-20 May 1995.

3. Charge Density School, La Plata, Argentina, 18-26 May 1995.

4. Erice School on Crystallography of Supramolecular Compounds, Erice, Italy, 2-12 June 1995.

5. Gordon Research Conference on Electron Distribution and Chemical Bonding, Plymouth, USA, 2-7 July 1995.

6. Fourth European Powder Diffraction Conference (EPDIC IV), Chester, England, 10-15 July 1995.

7. Workshop on Structure Determination from Powder Diffraction Data, Oxford, England, 16-20 July 1995.

8. Rietveld Summer School '95-RS, Moscow, Russia, 19-21 July 1995.

9. Workshop on the Description, Understanding and Prediction of the Structure of Inorganic Solids, Montreal, Canada, 19-22 July 1995.

10. Conference on Fundamental Principles of Molecular Modelling, Skukuza, South Africa, 20-24 August 1995.

11. International Conference on X-ray Powder Diffraction Analysis of Real Structure of Matter: Size-Strain '95, Liptovsky Mikuls, Slovakia, 21-25 August 1995.

12. Summer School on Neutron Scattering, Oxford, England, 12-21 September 1995.

The organizers of all IUCr-sponsored Meetings are requested to recommend the journals of the IUCr as a suitable channel of publication for the original papers presented at the Meeting. If organizers intend to publish proceedings, they should consider either a special issue of one of the journals of the IUCr or, for Computing Schools, the IUCr Crystallographic Symposia Series, which is published jointly by the IUCr and Oxford University Press.

Organizers of Meetings wishing to seek IUCr sponsorship should submit applications at least nine months in advance of the date of the Meeting, writing to the Chairperson of the Sub-Committee. The Chairperson in 1994 is Professor P. W. Codding, Department of Chemistry, The University of Calgary, 2500 University Drive NW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2N 1N4 (email: pcodding@acs.ucalgary.ca).

Applications for sponsorship of Satellite Meetings require the approval of the Chairperson of the Organizing Committee of the main Meeting. Meetings (other than Satellite Meetings) scheduled to be held within two months before or after an IUCr Congress will not be considered for sponsorship. For any Meetings scheduled to be held between two and three months before or after a Congress, the application for sponsorship will be sent to the Chairperson of the Congress Programme Committee for approval or otherwise.

The IUCr continues to support and uphold ICSU's policy of non-discrimination and adheres to its decisions and procedures concerning free circulation of scientists. Organizers of any Meetings seeking IUCr sponsorship or support must assure the Calendar Sub-Committee that the authorities of the country in which the Meeting is to take place guarantee free entrance of bona fide scientists from all countries.

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