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IUCr 1999 Triennial Report - Volume E. Subperiodic Symmetry Groups; Editors V. Kopsky and D.B. Litvin

A final draft of Volume E was prepared with the following content:

Part 1: Subperiodic Group Tables: Frieze Groups, Rod Groups, and Layer Groups

Section 1: Symbols and Terms used in Part 1
Section 2: Guide to the Use of the Subperiodic Group Tables
Section 3: The 7 Frieze Groups
Section 4: The 75 Rod Groups
Section 5: The 80 Layer Groups

Part 2: Scanning of Space Groups

Section 6: Symbols and Terms used in Part 2
Section 7: Guide to the Use of the Scanning Tables
Section 8: The Scanning Tables.

The scheduled publication date of Volume E is April 2000.

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Updated 6th June 1999

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