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IUCr 1999 Triennial Report - Volume C. Mathematical, Physical and Chemical Tables; Editor E. Prince

At the time of the Seattle Congress the task of assembling material for a Second, Revised Edition of Volume C was largely complete. Although most of the text of the First Edition had been composed by the authors on one word-processing system or another, very few of the original computer files still existed in any machine-readable form, and, as a result, a large part had to be typeset manually for the Second Edition. The manual typesetting has been carried out with a computerised system used by commercial printers, and the entire contents now exist as machine-readable files. One by-product of this procedure was that numerous entries whose authors had initially said that they did not want to revise them actually were substantially revised at the galley proof stage. As of January 1999 the entire volume, except for some front and back matter, was in page proof, and the project was on schedule for publication in the spring of 1999.

The First Edition contained several chapters and sections that had been carried over from the earlier series of International Tables, and some of the data was from the 1930's. Only one of these chapters remains, and that was judged to be sufficiently authoritative not to require revision. The Second Edition contains two entirely new chapters, and many others have been substantially rewritten. The timely completion of the Second Edition could not have been achieved without the cooperation of the many authors and the staff in Chester, and the entire crystallographic community is in their debt.

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