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IUCr 1999 Triennial Report - Volume B. Reciprocal Space; Editor U. Shmueli

The First Edition of Volume B was published in 1993, a Corrected Reprint appeared in 1996 and the work on the Second Edition was at a fairly advanced stage during the Seattle Congress. The editorial work on the Second Edition was completed during the triennium 1996—1998. All the material received from the authors is in the hands of the Technical Editor in Chester.

As pointed out in previous annual reports, the publication of the Second Edition of Volume B (as well as other volumes of International Tables) was delayed by the recently undertaken translation of the Tables to Standard Generalised Mark-up Language (SGML) which will facilitate their access through a variety of electronic media.

We summarise here all the major revisions in the First Edition of Volume B, and the newly incorporated contributions to the Second.

Revised/corrected chapters and sections (for the Second Edition):

B.1.2. The structure factor (by P. Coppens)

B.1.3. Fourier transforms in crystallography (by G. Bricogne)

B.1.4. Symmetry in reciprocal space (by U. Shmueli; revised Appendix B by U. Shmueli, S.R. Hall and R.W. Grosse-Kunstleve)

B.2.1. Statistical properties of the weighted reciprocal lattice (by U. Shmueli and A.J.C. Wilson)

B.2.3. Patterson and molecular-replacement techniques (by M.G. Rossmann and E. Arnold)

B.2.5. Electron diffraction and electron microscopy in structure determination — Foreword (by J.M. Cowley)

B.2.5.2. Space-group determination by convergent-beam electron diffraction (by P. Goodman)

B.3.3. Molecular modelling and graphics (by R. Diamond)

B.4.1. Thermal diffuse scattering of X-rays and neutrons (by B.T.M. Willis)

B.5.1. Dynamical theory of X-ray diffraction (by A. Authier)

New contributions (to the Second edition):

B.1.5. Crystallographic viewpoints in the classification of space group representations (by M.I. Aroyo and H. Wondratschek)

B.2.5.6. Direct methods in electron crystallography (by D.L. Dorset)

B.4.5. Polymer crystallography (by D.L. Dorset and R.P. Millane)

B.4.6. Reciprocal-space images of aperiodic crystals (by W. Steurer and T. Haibach)

B.5.3. Dynamical theory of neutron diffraction (by M. Schlenker and J.-P. Guigay)

The scheduled publication date of the Second Edition of Volume B is January 2000.

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