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IUCr 1999 Triennial Financial Report - General Fund

Table 3 shows the accounts for the General Fund (GF) and Table 4 compares these accounts for the triennium with the budget approved by the Seattle General Assembly. This fund carries the income and expenditure related to the IUCr's administration and its regular scientific activities other than publications. The income has two main sources, the subscriptions from Adhering Bodies and the interest income from investments and bank accounts. The subscriptions from Adhering Bodies are based on the unit contribution, which was CHF 1,000 for 1996, 1997 and 1998. The total number of membership units was 152 for each year, while the budget was based on 151 for each year. The yield from investments is less than the budgeted amount by CHF 223,035.

The administration expenses for the journals are calculated as 35% of the general administration costs of the IUCr, including the work of the Executive Secretary and his office and of the General Secretary and Treasurer. The Executive Committee met annually, while the Finance Committee held two meetings in each of 1996, 1997 and 1998. The cost of these meetings varies, as seen from Table 3, depending on the location and the circumstances. In Table 4 they are included in the expenses of administrative meetings, together with the costs of the IUCr representatives on other bodies. The expenses of scientific meetings in Table 4 include the travel grants and other expenses for the Seattle Congress in 1996, the cost of the 1998 meeting of the Programme Committee for the Glasgow Congress, the expenses of the non-publishing Commissions, financial support to meetings and schools, the expenses of the three IUCr50 symposia held in association with the meetings of the Regional Associates in 1998, and expenses incurred in connection with STAR/CIF and the IUCr/FIZ Agreement. The financial support for young scientists attending meetings and schools is charged to the Research and Education Fund, see Table 13. In Table 4, the unfavourable deviation from budget of CHF 334,417 is largely accounted for by a lower than predicted return on investments and an increase in administration costs, most of which are incurred in GBP. The increase in administration costs is attributable to the strong increase (25%) in the value of the GBP against the CHF that occurred during the triennium.

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