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IUCr 1999 Triennial Executive Committee Report - IUCr staff

There have been some staff changes during the triennium. The present members of staff in the IUCr offices in Chester are: Mr M.H. Dacombe (Executive Secretary), Mrs A. Cawley (Part-time Administrative Assistant to the Executive Secretary), Mrs M.J. Robinson (Part-time Secretary to the Executive Secretary), Mr P.R. Strickland (Managing Editor), Mrs S.E. King (Technical Editor), Mr B. McMahon (Research and Development Officer), Dr A.S. Berry (Assistant Technical Editor), Miss C.A. Moore (Editorial Systems Developer), Dr G.F. Holmes, Mrs L.E. Clark-Jones, Mrs J.K. Bradshaw, Mr S. Conway and Dr N.J. Ashcroft (Senior Editorial Assistants), Dr A. Weight, Dr S. Froggatt, Dr S. Glynn and Miss F. Reid (Editorial Assistants), Dr M.A. Hoyland, Mr D. Holden and Dr D. Hoare (Research and Development Assistants), Mrs L. Rathbone and Mrs C. Cook (Secretaries) and Miss A.J. Sharpe (Promotions Officer).

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Updated 6th June 1999

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