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IUCr 1999 Triennial Executive Committee Report - Sponsorship of meetings

The Executive Committee has established a Sub-committee on the Union Calendar to consider and to advise the Executive Committee on requests for IUCr sponsorship and financial support of meetings. The Chair of the Sub-committee has been H. Schenk in this triennium. A list of IUCr-sponsored meetings is given in Appendix 26 to the Agenda.

Applications for sponsorship and financial support are considered if they are submitted at least nine months in advance of the date of the meeting. Requests from satellite meetings must be submitted, and possible financial support requested, through the organising committee of the main meeting. Meetings (other than satellite meetings) scheduled to be held within two months before or after an IUCr Congress will not be considered for sponsorship. For any meetings scheduled to be held between two and three months before or after a Congress, the application for sponsorship requires the approval of the Chair of the Congress Programme Committee.

The IUCr continues to support and uphold ICSU's policy of non-discrimination and adheres to its decisions and procedures concerning free circulation of scientists. Organisers of any meetings seeking IUCr sponsorship or support must assure the Calendar Sub-committee that the authorities of the country in which the meeting is to take place guarantee free entrance of bona fide scientists from all countries.

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