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IUCr 1996 17th General Assembly - Election of Officers of the Union

The nominations made by the Executive Committee for Officers of the Union had been included in the Agenda papers distributed in May 1996. E. N. Baker was nominated for President, R. Chidambaram for Vice-President and S. Larsen for General Secretary and Treasurer. Seven nominations were made for the three or four vacancies for Ordinary Members: L. A. Aslanov (Russia), J. C. A. Boeyens (South Africa), H. Fuess (Germany), P. F. Lindley (UK), D. Louër (France), G. M. Punte (Argentina) and M. Tanaka (Japan). No other nominations were made by the delegates. Elections for the three Ordinary Members for the normal six-year term and for one Ordinary Member for a three-year term (to fill the unexpired term of office of the newly elected President) were held by secret ballot. The following nominees were elected:


E. N. Baker (New Zealand)


R. Chidambaram (India)

General Secretary and Treasurer

S. Larsen (Denmark)

Ordinary Members (six years):

L. A. Aslanov (Russia)

H. Fuess (Germany)

M. Tanaka (Japan)

Ordinary Member (three years):

J. C. A. Boeyens (South Africa)

The newly elected President congratulated the new members of the Executive Committee and invited delegates to participate fully in activities during the next triennium. He thanked the retiring members of the Executive Committee for all that they had done.

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