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1996 17th General Assembly - Amendments to Statutes and By-Laws affecting adherence to the Union

At the end of the Beijing Congress, the Executive Committee had established a Sub-committee with the charge to present proposals for changes in the IUCr Statutes and By-Laws, to be voted on at the time of the Seventeenth General Assembly in Seattle in 1996. The membership was the Immediate Past President of the IUCr (A. Authier) as Chairman, Th. Hahn, A. I. Hordvik, J. Karle and K. V. J. Kurki-Suonio. The Sub-committee submitted recommendations to the Executive Committee for consideration at its meeting in June 1994. The subsequent report of the Sub-committee was circulated to Secretaries of National Committees for Crystallography in January 1995. The Executive Committee considered the report at its meeting in August 1995 and was grateful to those National Committees which had sent suggestions or comments. The Executive Committee endorsed the recommendations made. In accordance with Statute 13.1, the amendments to the Statutes and By-Laws proposed by the Executive Committee were sent to National Committees and Commissions in March 1996.

The proposed modifications to Statutes 3.2 and 3.3 to allow the admission of The Academy of Sciences Located in Taipei were adopted without discussion. The revised Statutes are included as Annex II.

Proposed changes to the Statutes and By-Laws not affecting adherence to the Union were considered under Minute (8).

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