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IUCr 1996 Triennial Report - Volume C. Mathematical, Physical and Chemical Tables

E. Prince was appointed Editor of Volume C in August 1995, replacing the late A. J. C. Wilson, whose death on 1 July 1995 is noted with great sorrow. At the time of his death, Arthur Wilson had finished more than 80% of the work of preparing an extensively revised and expanded second edition for publication. That work is continuing with the intention to have the second edition ready by the time the stock of the current edition, a corrected reprint of which was published in February 1995, runs out.

At the same time, a project has been initiated that is aimed toward making much of the information in the volume available electronically. There has been a revolution in the technology of publication since the beginning of the preparation of the current edition. One result is that relatively little of the text exists in machine-readable form, but an effort is being made to obtain electronic files of any new material and any older material that may exist.

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