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IUCr 1996 Triennial Report - Volume B. Reciprocal Space

The first edition of Volume B was published in 1993. Since its preparation suffered serious delays, the planning of the second edition suggested itself almost immediately after the publication of the first edition. Plans for the second edition, which were the main subject of the editorial activities during this triennium, included: (i) minor revisions and corrections, (ii) major revisions of several existing chapters in order to extend their scope and /or update them with recent developments, and (iii) invitations for contributions on several relevant topics not treated in the first edition.

Most of the minor changes that did not require repagination were taken care of by the corrected reprint of Volume B which was published early in 1996, to ensure further availability of the volume until the second edition was ready.

By the end of 1995, most of the final and advanced drafts of the minor and major revisions of existing chapters had been received by the Editor. These revisions include an extension of Chapter 1.2: The Structure Factor; a modification and extension of Appendix B to Chapter 1.4: Symmetry in Reciprocal Space and a more conveniently readable representation of the structure-factor tables 1.4.3A-G; a major revision and updating of Chapter 2.1: Statistical Properties of the Weighted Reciprocal Lattices; a revised Foreword to Chapter 2.5: Electron Diffraction in Structure Determination; a revision and updating of Section 2.5.2: Space-Group Determination by Convergent-Beam Electron Diffraction; and a revision and extension of Chapter 5.1: Dynamical Theory of X-ray Diffraction.

After extensive consultations, five new contributions on the following topics were invited for the second edition of Volume B:

(1) Space-group representations in reciprocal space;

(2) Direct methods in electron crystallography;

(3) Diffraction by polymers;

(4) Reciprocal-space images of aperiodic crystals;

(5) Dynamical theory of neutron diffraction.

These are scheduled to be treated in Chapter 1.5 (1), Section 2.5.6 (2), and Chapters 4.5 (3), 4.6 (4) and 5.3 (5), respectively.

By the end of 1995, advanced drafts of two contributions on the above topics had been received. It should also be noted that the contribution to topic (4) was formally invited only in January 1996, although most relevant correspondence belongs to the triennium.

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